Monday, February 22, 2010

Kim Turns 16!

Hard to believe that my baby is now 16. 
Unfortunately her birthday fell in the midst of the blizzard
-and on Super Bowl Sunday..Yea Saints! ( apologies to all the Colts' fans).
Don was able to retrieve her BFF Katie,
and we had a mini-fondue/superbowl birthday celebration inside
while the "weather outside"was "frightful". 
Her "official" birthday celebration,
 at the Melting Pot in Annapolis,MD
was rescheduled for a less snowy day.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blizzard(s) of 2010

Mother Nature graced us with an unbelievable winter wonderland in 2010; five feet of snow within one week!
  Fortunately,  Kim and her friends stayed in touch via Skyping.  Thank heavens for modern technology. I have heard that Spring is on its way!

Kim and Sara enjoying a break of Sunshine in between the blizzards!
 The dogs had a wonderful time playing King of the (snow) Hill, Hide your Toy in the Snow and Snow tag.
I got to play Shovel out the Cars..several times.Only wish that a new one had showed up underneath the piles of the white stuff.

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Kim , Kalyn and the Gang

The pups are waiting for Santa, too!
Hoping for new chew toys.....Yea!

Kim and Kalyn in their traditional, Christmas Eve p.j's......with Sara, too!
Ready and waiting for Santa!

Christmas, 2009

Christmas is such a special time for our family,
especially this year.  It is the last one for Kalyn
as a "single lady".  By Christmas next year, Kalyn is
scheduled to be a "married lady"!